Nissan will have you looking backwards with the 2018 Armada full-size SUV. But you'll be "looking through" objects with their Intelligent Rear View Mirror.

Nissan says that the new mirror can "look around" interior obstructions like cargo and tall passengers, but it's not an X-ray mirror. It's a camera, mounted high in the tailgate of the SUV, that works with a television built into the mirror to let you see around the people and things you can pile into the 2,676 L of space in the back of the Armada.

Much like Cadillac's camera mirror, it has a rear view mirror that functions like a regular mirror until you hit a button. Then the TV screen shines, and you get a real-time stream of everything behind you coming through. It's like a backup cam that is high resolution and that can come on whenever you want it to. Day or night. The camera is in the sweep of the rear wiper too, so it can keep the picture clean.

It takes a special camera and a special monitor to make the 4:1 viewing ratio. Compare the wide and short rear view mirror in your car to the 16:9 of a widescreen TV in your home. But the effect is a wider and clearer view out the back, unobstructed by the interior or body of the SUV.

The 2018 Nissan Armada Platinum will be the first Nissan to offer the feature, and it will be the only full-size non-luxury SUV to offer the new technology.

So go ahead and pile that cargo to the ceiling. Nissan will let you see around it.