Truck Driver Misses Height, Finds Overpass

Ever notice those little yellow and black signs on overpasses? The ones that say something like "5.3 m"? Those little signs tell you how much space there is between the pavement and the overpass, and if you're hauling anything tall, you should pay close attention to them. And to how tall your cargo is.

Unfortunately for this truck driver, the boom on the excavator on the trailer was just a little bit too tall. Tall enough that it smashed into this overpass, at Whitemud Drive and Anthony Henday Drive, in Edmonton, AB. Fortunately for us, it was caught on dashcam.

The boom smashed into five of the concrete bridge girders, four on the westbound section of the overpass and one on the eastbound. While there was a massive amount of concrete dust produced by the impact, Alberta Transportation has inspected the bridges and declared them safe.

Traffic was affected Sunday night and Monday morning, but the road is now fully open. A mesh casing has been installed to protect the girders and catch any falling concrete. More inspections will follow as teams work to assess the what needs to be done to fully repair the bridges. Commercial Vehicle Enforcement is also investigating.


Just a little off the top 8/22/2017 10:47:04 AM