Unlucky Explorer Gets Drilled

Ford has just revealed that they are adding a power take-off unit to the 2017 Ford Explorer. Wait. That's not right. What happened to this poor SUV? Why is there a spinning shaft sticking out of the bumper?

That's probably what the owner of the Explorer is wondering too. What really happened is directional drilling gone wrong.

It happened earlier this week, in Barranquilla, Columbia, El Heraldo reports. A shopping complex is expanding and building new stores across the road from the existing ones. To run utility lines underground to the new buildings, a team was doing horizontal drilling.

Normally it runs smoothly. The drill bit snakes underground to meet the trench on the other side of the road, then crews can run the pipe or wire through the conduit. It's easier than digging up four lanes of road. In this case, things went a little sideways. Or maybe in this case that's went a little vertical.

Either way, the drill bit wasn't deep enough. When it crossed the road it came out and drilled into the front of the Explorer. It hit hard enough to push the vehicle back nearly a meter. Which doesn't explain why the bit was still spinning when the video was taken.

The driver was in the SUV at the time, but wasn't injured, according to the report. The Explorer was probably not so lucky.


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