Porsche has improved warranty coverage on its certified pre-owned cars and crossovers by including unlimited kilometres on all CPO vehicles, and all used cars and crossovers covered by the brand's extended warranty program.

The German luxury car manufacturer made the announcement last week in a move that makes it just the second automaker to remove distance restrictions from select warranty coverage. Mazda was first in late 2014, when it made all of its new-car warranties -- three years for bumper-to-bumper and five years on powertrain -- good for unlimited kilometres.

Porsche is candid about the reasoning behind its decision: "We are confident that offering unlimited mileage coverage to our Porsche Approved Certified Pre-Owned vehicles and Extended Warranty will further increase the consideration of our quality products," explained Porsche Cars Canada CEO Alexander Pollich.

Previously, Porsche's CPO coverage tended to run out after the car reached 160,000 km, regardless of the odometer reading at the time of purchase.