Ford's already doing everything they can to make their new Ford GT supercar feel special, starting with the application process to even get on the list to buy one. While the first GTs have just rolled off the assembly line, Ford wanted to give those lucky buyers a way to make even ordering their car special. Enter the one-of-a-kind Ford GT order kit.

The kit comes with everything an owner will need to put together their car stored inside. But before they even open it, the body of the kit is made from the same carbon weave as the production car, and the latch comes straight from the GT race car parts bin. On the corner of the kit is a space to put a special VIN plate that they'll get once their order has been sent to production.

Open the kit and it's full of GT goodness. It starts with a 3D model of the car in all eight available colours, with stripe kits that can be put on and taken off the models to help you find the right one. There are also models of each wheel shape and colour with a coloured brake assembly to help fine tune that choice as well.

The configuring doesn't stop on the outside, and there are samples of all of the available interior fabrics, colours, and carbon trim choices. The swatches are made from the same Alcantara and leather that will go into the real cars. Ford Performance manager Henry Ford III calls it a "hands-on tool for Ford GT customers to enhance their ordering experience."

Since the kits will eventually get a VIN from the car they were used to order, they're likely to remain as rare as the car they were made for. That won't stop them from looking great in the garage of the future GT owners who get them.