With the new Ford GT, Ford made a little bit of a change to the conventional supercar ordering system. Unlike certain top-level Ferraris, where the story goes you already have to own a garage-full to even look at the list, Ford put out an open call for applications. From April 13 to May 12, anyone could log on to FordGT.com and fill in an application to buy a GT. This application process was to get a chance at one of the first 500 cars. That's the whole first two years of production for the Markham, Ontario built GT.

Well Ford had an overwhelming response to the call with nearly 200,000 people logging on and configuring how they would like to build their car. 6,506 people fully completed their application stating why they wanted to buy a GT. Of those, more than 500 attached a video to their application, trying to help their case for why they should be allowed to buy one. Ford now has 90 days to review all of the applications and decide who gets to buy one the 500 cars. All of this before the price has even been announced. The first GTs should start appearing in the lucky winners' garages before the end of the year.