Jaguar Wins at Christmas with F-Sleigh

Santa Claus will definitely want to consider upgrading his sleigh this year. Who would turn down a Jaguar F-anything anyway? For the launch of their new Jaguar and Land Rover brand collection, the manufacturer greeted the gift-giving season with a peculiar concept: the Jaguar F-Sleigh, a design based on the well-known F-Type, but with a few features that would make the Old Man up North want to trade up from his reindeer.

The coupe-inspired vessel is equipped with runners, a wide, open-sky gift compartment and jet engines, because of course you want the proper Jaguar performance. No production timeline has been set, but this bit of "Christmas fun" is the maker's way of showcasing that their creativity can do more than just sexy vehicles. The collection launched articles such as clothing, accessories, bags and much more.

Santa gets a new sleigh courtesy of Jaguar. 12/18/2015 2:00:55 PM