If there was one car story that piqued the interest of enthusiasts these last few years, a strong case can be made for Singer Vehicle Design.

For the uninitiated, Singer is a car design and restoration house started by ex-car designer/automotive rock star Rob Dickinson, specializing in the re-imagination of 964-generation Porsche 911 sports cars. If you can imagine it, chances are Singer can do it. He’s breathing new life into the 964, at times one of the most beloved, at times questioned generations of Porsche’s bread-and-butter sports car.

Thing is, the price of entry is understandably high, meaning the closest many are ever going to get to a 911 Reimagined by Singer is at shows and if they’re lucky, somewhere in the wild along Rodeo Drive. Add the fact that unless you’re a vetted prospective owner, you’d be hard-pressed to get into Singer’s shop to even see how these beauties come to be, and you can see how these modified 911s are some of the most mythical automotive creatures out there.

Now, however, the doors are coming off courtesy of a new full-colour, 275-page coffee table book written by Dickinson and auto journo Michael Harley — with contributions from numerous other personalities in the car world — that’s just been made available for pre-order. It costs $85 USD, and if you really want to go all-out, a special edition will be made available for a staggering yet clever $911 USD, though we’re fairly certain it will really only be those that can afford the actual cars that will be going for the latter. They’ll get a custom display case fabricated by those that work on the cars, using the same materials found in the shop.

As far as deliveries go, the first 200 to pre-order the book are guaranteed to have it by Christmas, with subsequent orders arriving in the new year.