Frequently Asked Questions

Privacy Shield is no longer offered on We provide email masking for all users that utilize AutoTrader's ad placement system. These emails hide the buyer and sellers identity to provide an additional layer of security for those who interact on our site.
"For your safety, email addresses are "masked" on if you reply to the [some random alphanumeric digits] Please click on reply button in your sales lead email. The hidden email address of potential buyer will appear in TO field. A word of warning- if you put in any contact information like your email address or phone information, this will bypass the masking feature and allow the email recipient to contact you directly."
Send the email address along with the response from the fraudulent buyer to Alternatively, if there is an ad you suspect may be fraudulent, please either report the ad by clicking the "report abuse" tool on the ad's page, or send an email with the link to
"Click on the "report", "abuse" button on the website or send email with the weblink to"
If you are having issues with phone validation or are not getting the code, we recommend you:
  • Check to see that you're using the latest browser
  • Wait at least 30 minutes before requesting another code.
  • If requesting code by phone call, make sure the line is not busy.
Please check your spam folder, if you are using GMAIL, please check it under promotions, deals or other tabs under the mailbox.
We prevent some types of photos from being uploaded to help reduce inappropriate photos. Ensure there is no person present in your photo as these photos will be removed. If there is a photo you are uploading and it is incorrectly failing to upload, please feel free to send the link to your ad, your photo and the error message you are receiving from the photo to our team for processing at
Generally, our photos will recognize proper orientation. In the case this is not working, you can upload all the images to your computer and rotate them in any photo editor software and upload them again on Another option is to take photos with the correct phone orientation. When taking pictures in landscape mode, please make sure the volume buttons are facing up. Also, ensure the phone orientation is not locked in portrait or landscape view.
We are working on getting this feature completed and this feature is right around the corner. For now, photos will appear in the order that they were successfully uploaded to your ad. Our iOS app currently has this feature. Other platforms will follow suit shortly
Once your phone validation is complete, it may take upto 2 hours for our moderation team to review the ad. Also, please make sure that as the final step in editing, you submit your ad.Once you click on the "Post Your Ad" or "Continue" button your edited ad will be submitted for review.
After you receive the approval email from, it takes approximately 30 minutes for ad to become searchable on the website. Please check out our ad guidelines if your ad was denied. It is possible that your ad may have been denied because one or more of our users may have thought it was an invalid ad. To help our team verify that it was a legitimate ad, please send an email to Please include the year/make/model of the vehicle, the email/phone number that you used to create the ad, and an image of yourself within the vehicle you are trying to sell and the approximate date of when you initially placed your ad. We'll have you back up in no time.
Please log in to My Account using the same email address you used to place ad, click on items you're selling. This tab will allow you to edit, remove, upgrade or renew expired ads. If you did not place an ad using a MyGarage account, an email was sent directly to the email address used to post the ad. You can use the EDIT YOUR AD/DELETE YOUR AD links in the approval e-mail to edit or delete your ad.
Your ad was flagged by our system as not conforming to our ad guidelines. Please check our ad guidelines found at, update your ad, and resubmit your ad.
Please log in to My Account using the same email address you used to place ad, click on items you're selling. This tab will allow you to edit, remove, upgrade or renew expired ads. Alternatively, the edit and delete capability is on the weekly performance correspondence that we send you regarding your posting.
Unfortunately, the edit function for email address is unavailable. We suggest that you create a new account with updated information.
Please log into My Account and click on Account Profile. Select Edit / Change Password – Enter in your old password and then the new password you want to change it to.
You need to contact our support team – Visit our support page at
If you have already purchased a CARFAX Canada report, please contact CARFAX Canada directly to remove or update your vehicle's information. You can contact CARFAX Canada at Please indicate if you have purchased this report from or if your ad is currently live on
As a seller on a classified site, understand that your ad is visible on the internet from anywhere in the world. Chances are, like any online marketplace, there are individuals who aren't there to buy your vehicle. Never wire any money to anyone you have not physically met. Trust your instincts and be fraud aware. Some common tricks fraudsters use are shipping because they are out of country, using 3rd party untraceable funds transfer systems, and other companies posing as to "help sell your ad" for a fee. It is best to meet the buyer or seller physically in a safe environment and always be weary of buyers and sellers willing to transact sight unseen.