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Top Picks: Wildest Paris Auto Show Concepts
By Petrina Gentile
October 03, 2014

Here are our favourite picks from the floor of the Paris Auto Show – our Top 10 Concept Cars that may inspire the cars that come to a...

2014 Range Rover Supercharged: 8 Features that make the RR Supercharged a king of off-roading
By Petrina Gentile
September 29, 2014

Land Rover is retracing its roots to mark the silver anniversary of a historic drive along the Continental Divide in Colorado.

Stars in Cars: JP Tremblay aka Julian from Trailer Park Boys
By Petrina Gentile
September 22, 2014

When JP isn’t on set, you might catch him speeding through the streets – not in an old clunker – but in a high-performance car.

Stars in Cars: Mike Smith aka Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys
By Petrina Gentile
September 12, 2014

He’s best known as “Bubbles” from the hit cult TV series, Trailer Park Boys.

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