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Genesis Unveils Another Stunning Concept in Korea

Genesis is taking to the track with a stunning new concept car that’s a virtual extension of its Magma performance program.

The Genesis X Gran Racer Vision Gran Turismo concept is more than a mouthful — it’s the fourth vehicle developed for the famed video game franchise. Just like the X Gran Berlinetta concept it’s based on, which was introduced at last year’s Gran Turismo World Series finals, this decidedly more track-oriented version boasts impossible proportions stretched long and low, all of which is finished in a searing and spectacular orange hue.

That it’s designed for a video game affords the concept car plenty of liberties as far as emphasizing form over function, but the X Gran Racer features a few touches that are currently available — or coming shortly — in the Genesis lineup of production vehicles. That includes the striking two-line lighting design that frames the grille opening, a nod to the similar execution on the brand’s current crop of sedans and SUVs.

While we normally wouldn’t dive into the imaginary output associated with a concept car, that this one is soon to be playable in Gran Turismo 7 warrants a brief breakdown of the numbers. The so-called “front mid-mounted” engine made possible by the elongated dash-to-axle ratio is supposed to be a V6 engine equipped with an electric supercharger like the one offered in the Genesis G90 sedan. Together with an electric motor, the Genesis X Gran Racer Vision Gran Turismo concept generated an imagined 1,540 hp and 1,041 lb-ft of torque — more than the X Gran Berlinetta concept’s 1,071 hp and 986 lb-ft of torque.

Yes, we deal in real vehicles here at AutoTrader, but sometimes it’s fun to see what the imaginations of the folks working at companies like Genesis can come up with without reality getting in the way. Better still, it’s cool to see those same vehicles come to life — even if they are only concepts.

Look for the Genesis X Gran Racer Vision Gran Turismo concept to be playable in Gran Turismo 7 in the coming weeks.