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Nissan’s Dramatic ‘Hyper’ Concept Cars Show Where Brand Is Headed

The stunning Nissan Hyper Force is just one of five new fully electric concept vehicles revealed by the company since early October, with each targeting a particular kind of driver and use case. The Hyper Force, which made its dramatic debut at the 2023 Japan Mobility Show, was created to pay homage to Nissan’s performance heritage. Here’s a roundup of the other four, of which two – Hyper Punk and Hyper Tourer – were also physically present at the show for visitors to explore.

Hyper Punk


The Hyper Punk is a content creator’s dream vehicle. Designed by a gamer for a younger clientele, the origami-like polygonal styling was done purely in the digital realm. This is an electric vehicle that will let the driver’s creativity and talent shine through with its graphical interface. The Hyper Punk can capture images of its surroundings with built-in cameras and then project them onto the cabin’s three main screens. Biosensors in the headrests can sense the driver’s mood and then, with the help of AI, select appropriate music and lighting to suit. It’s a powerful, expressive design that features large 23-inch wheels for urban or off-road driving.


“The concept had no rules, it’s something that inspires and stands out,” says Ken Lee, Senior Design Director. “We opened up the creative process on the team, and somebody discovered when using polygon modelling to make the model, and before smoothing it out and giving it an automotive shape, said ‘Why don’t we just make that and leave it kind of frozen in time?’”

Hyper Tourer


A very Japanese-market concept, the Hyper Tourer could be the ultimate minivan of the future. Created to enhance every journey, the cabin combines advanced technology with the concept of omotenashi, the Japanese spirit of hospitality.


Massive sliding doors open to a lounge-like interior where the seats can swivel to face each other, making each trip more personal and intimate. All-wheel drive and an ultra-low centre of gravity provide a greater sense of speed, security, and comfort. The Hyper Tourer concept is fully autonomous, allowing all occupants to interact and connect freely – perfect for road trips.

Could something like the Hyper Tourer make the minivan cool again in North America?

“There’s [younger] generations that don’t have the stigma; and when they reach maturity and come to the market, the [Hyper Tourer] might make sense to them,” says Giovanny Arroba, Senior Design Director. “Eventually people get tired of chunky, boxy, rugged things; and they might want to have something mono-volume, like a spaceship. And the trend may come back to the rest of the world.”

Hyper Urban

The Hyper Urban was created for drivers that value quality, long-lasting products that can be kept relevant through hardware and software updates, greatly extending its lifecycle. This adaptable nature is reflected in the exterior, which is coated in a paint that changes colours depending on the angle it’s viewed.

Inside the sporty-looking concept, the futuristic dashboard is inspired by kaleidoscopic triangles with a fully customizable display that can be configured to the driver’s mood. Perhaps its coolest feature is how the front seats collapse, forming a lounge-like space for two to sit back and relax when parked.

The Hyper Urban will also feature V2H (vehicle-to-home) charging, reducing energy costs by providing power during times of high demand – such as mid-afternoon on a hot day when air conditioning units are running full blast – and shifting electrical draw to when there’s less demand on the grid.

Hyper Adventure

The Hyper Adventure concept wouldn’t look out of place on Canadian roads with its rugged and boxy styling. It’s equipped with a large-capacity battery to power campsites and all your gadgets, including ATVs and snowmobiles. Equipped with all-wheel drive, it’s able to traverse challenging terrain with ease.

The cabin features a lot of space, comfortable seating, and an instrument panel that seamlessly blends into the windshield. Despite its brick-like shape, it’s still highly aerodynamic, a crucial factor for EVs, especially one intended to get you out of the city.