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Tesla Updates Model 3 With More Features, More Range

Tesla has just shown off a refresh of its Model 3 sedan in Asia and Europe. The changes include new styling and some cabin upgrades as well as a bit more range for the electric vehicle.

The design changes are most obvious up front, where slimline headlights have replaced the wedge-shaped lights of the original. There's a new front bumper as well, which adds a character line down low and helps break up what was previously a vast and flat face. Small changes at the rear include revised taillights and Tesla is giving the car some new wheel designs.

Tesla has greatly improved the visual appearance of the cabin. There is a new dash with an ambient light strip that wraps around into the doors. There are new armrests on those door pads and Tesla has shrunk the bezel around its large center screen. Sharp-eyed fans will see the new steering wheel (and not a yoke) appears to be missing stalks for the drive mode and lights.


In terms of amenities, front occupants get ventilated seats, while rear passengers get an 8.0-inch screen that lets them adjust climate or audio settings. Other changes include additional audio speakers, acoustic glass in the windows, and two wireless phone chargers in the front console.

Tesla's sites in Europe list two models to start: the single-motor rear-drive standard range and the long-range dual-motor AWD Model 3. Range, on the WLTP cycle, is 513 km for the former and 629 for the latter. Though not directly comparable to Canadian figures - WLTP is much more optimistic - that's around 20 km more range for each.

The automaker hasn't yet announced the changes for Canada, but we expect to see them later this year. Expect a small price hike to go with them when the changes occur.