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2025 Volvo EX30 a Stylish Entry Point in Brand’s Electric Lineup

Volvo’s all-electric future is coming into focus, with a new subcompact model working in conjunction with the upcoming EX90 to bookend the brand’s emissions-free lineup.

The 2025 Volvo EX30 is, in a word, striking. The brand’s typically timeless design language suits the small proportions of this crossover well, with clean lines stretched across its tidy dimensions. Looking a bit like the lovechild of the boxier Volvo XC40 and the sleek Kia EV6, the EX30 comes across as anything but entry-level.

Promising Electric Tech

Like the 2024 XC40 Recharge – as well as the electrically identical C40 – the base powertrain is rear-wheel drive. Opting for all-wheel drive adds a second motor and pushes output to 422 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque – up from the single-motor version’s 268 hp and 253 lb-ft.

Both versions use the same 69-kWh battery pack, with range estimates of about 440 km for the single-motor version and 425 km for the dual-motor. Those numbers are based on the same testing methodology approved by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), which makes them promising at the very least.

With DC fast-charging rates of up to 153 kW, Volvo claims the EX30 is capable of completing the gold-standard 10-to-80 per cent charge in about 27 minutes. Of course, that’s in ideal conditions, so expectations should be tempered in Canada’s temperamental climate. Household charging estimates weren’t provided at the time of writing.

Stylish Inside and Out

From tip to tail, the EX30 takes on its own interpretation of Volvo’s design language. It boasts the same pixel-style Thor’s Hammer headlights as the larger EX90, although these ones don’t have the same slick clamshell mechanisms inside. The nose itself is where the EX30 most closely resembles the slightly larger EV6, with the same stylish rounded rake that stretches from the headlights and up across the narrow front fenders.

The beltline sharpens as it works its way rearward, ending with brawny shoulders that are strikingly similar to the ones on the XC40. Likewise, the rear door glass has the same signature rise, although it doesn’t tie into the roofline the way it does on its slightly larger sibling. Of course, much of that has to do with the EX30’s tidier dimensions, as well as its slightly sloping roofline. And just below, a reimagination of Volvo’s signature tail lights splits the vertical sections from the lower C-shaped portions, with a similar pixel format to the lights up front.

The cabin boasts quintessential Scandinavian simplicity, except it’s been elevated beyond anything before it. Yes, the EX90 is more luxurious; but the touches inside this subcompact are nothing if not unique. The speckled panel that extends along the dash and door panels, for instance, is like a bolder (and better) version of the stuff found inside the Ford Maverick minitruck, while the absence of front door speakers makes for massive storage pockets. (A dash-mounted soundbar is employed in place of those speakers.)

Keep Calm and Carry On

The cabin’s calming theme is made possible by the materials and ambient lighting that’s supposedly inspired by five unique Scandinavian landscapes, as well as the minimalist motif that’s been used to centralize the vast majority of functions to the centre of the vehicle.

While the touchscreen is typically where most modern functions and features reside – and that’s very much the case here, with the portrait-oriented display handling everything down to the glovebox release – the console armrest plays an important role in reducing clutter. It’s where the window switches can be found, as well as the touch panel that can be used to toggle between front and rear window operation, as well as lock and unlock the doors. There’s also a pair of cup holders hidden below that can be deployed when they’re needed and stowed when they aren’t.

The configuration has also left a massive storage space between the front footwells that can easily accommodate a handbag, while lifting the lower panels reveals a pair of USB-C charging ports. There’s also not one but two wireless charging pads nestled just below the centre stack, plus two more USB-C charging ports – and a deployable storage tray complete with moose graphics – on the back side of the centre console. The only bewildering oversight is the lack of conventional cup holders for rear-seat occupants.

Final Thoughts

Not to be overshadowed by all the 2025 Volvo EX30 has to offer is the subsequent Cross Country version the automaker has promised is on its way. In keeping with tradition, it will boast skid plates and available all-terrain tires, as well as a bit more ground clearance than the standard version. Of course, all this will unquestionably reduce range, but at least it will look great in the process.

Canadian pricing wasn’t announced at the time of writing, but the US$34,950 entry point south of the border is aggressive. It also means something in the neighbourhood of $44,000 is likely in Canada – significantly less than the cheapest Tesla Model 3. The 2025 Volvo EX30 is set to go on sale next summer, with the Cross Country version to follow.