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Top 5 Obscenely Fancy Car Features

It’s good to be rich (or so I’ve heard). Not only is inflation be something to scoff at, but when shopping for a new set of wheels, ultra-opulent options abound. Brands like Rolls Royce, Bentley, and Mercedes-Maybach have created cars that have never been more bespoke and lavish.

Levels of standard equipment have risen to never-before-seen heights even in the most basic cars. In the same vein, high-end cars and SUVs also offer unfathomable amounts of luxury, technology, and comfort, even in their “entry-level” models. We use the term “entry-level” very sarcastically here.

Depending on the brand and the size of the purchaser’s pocketbook, it is possible to outfit one’s vehicle with some extremely pricey and luxurious features. Below are five of the most ostentatious accessories that can be delivered in a “normal” road car.

Rear Ottoman Massaging Seats

Air travel is nowhere near as jet-set as it once was. Take it from me, I travel one heck of a lot and even business class can sometimes feel cramped and uncomfortable. If you regularly hop from Toronto to Montreal or New York, or from Vancouver to Seattle by plane, it’s time to get yourself a car with rear ottoman massaging seats.

Depending on the make and model, the second-row reclining seats with footrests can be heated, cooled, and massaging. With your own driver, travelling down the 401 will be more relaxing than any Air Canada business class flight – not to mention, you’ll probably get to your destination on time…

Power-Opening Doors

Nothing says Boss with a capital “B” like a door that opens or fully closes on its own at the simple touch of a button. In some rare cases, you may never need to touch a door handle again, as drivers need only press the brake pedal and the door will fully shut. God forbid you strain your arm closing a car door.

Seeing these doors in action and watching occupants elegantly and effortlessly step out or drop into the vehicle truly projects power, luxury, and influence.

Shooting Star Headliner

A star-lit night is always wonderful to behold. It soothes and reminds us that the universe is vast. Unfortunately, living in any medium to large city inevitably brings light pollution that masks the light produced many millennia ago by a star.

With a shooting star headliner or starlight headliner, the night sky comes to you. Thanks to the careful use of hundreds of fibre-optic lights that peek through a carefully perforated leather headliner, the night sky will always be clear in your car no matter where you are.

Ultra-Powerful Multi-Speaker Audio System

A premium luxury car is typically very well insulated from outside elements. This creates the ideal cocoon in which to listen to music. While we’ve all listened to music through our normal car’s audio system, sampling Nickelback, Maestro Fresh Wes, Taylor Swift, or Metallica through an ultra-powerful multi-speaker system will change your perception of what sound and music can be.

Blessed with dozens of speakers, and a half-dozen or more amplifiers, audiophiles will be treated to the most accurate sound reproduction. The technology packed into these systems will deliver lows that are felt clearly and distinctively, with no distortion, whilst the mids will be rich and perfectly blended into distinct highs – you’ll never be able to listen to music in your average car again.

Champagne Flutes

We’re not talking about the colour of the instrument your 7-year-old recently started playing, we are referring to the receptacle in which some Boërl & Kroff Brut can be poured into and enjoyed. If you’ve already spent all your money on the vehicle, you can still use the handcrafted flutes to drink some Pepsi.

Either way, the glasses are typically part of a package that includes a refrigerator box stored between the outboard rear seats and with folding tables. This, along with the power ottoman rear seats, is the only way to travel.