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2024 BMW X5 and X6 Get More Power and New PHEV Models

The BMW X5 and X6 crossovers are getting a facelift for 2024. Along with small cosmetic upgrades, the two SUV models get new engines and new plug-in hybrid (PHEV) models. The 2024 BMW X5 and X6 will also have new tech including the latest version of the brand's infotainment system.

The X5 gets new headlights that are slimmer than last year and have a new LED light signature. The bumper has also been reshaped, including new triangular intakes along the lower edge of the grille. Like the X7, the X5 will get optional light-up kidney grilles. At the rear, the new taillights have an X-shaped motif, just in case you've forgotten this is a BMW for crossover model (the X means crossover in BMW language).

The X6, which is the "coupe" version with the sloping roofline, will also have a new LED running light signature, but the headlights don't get any slimmer as they do on the X5. It doesn't get the X-line taillights either, so cosmetic changes are minor on the X6.

Both models get new engines. In the BMW X5 and X6 xDrive40i models, there's a 3.0L inline-six that makes 375 hp, 40 more than the model it replaces, and 383 lb-ft of torque, which is a 51 lb-ft boost. With the 48V mild hybrid system helping, that torque figure can climb even higher to 398 lb-ft.

Eight-cylinder models, the 2024 BMW X5 M60i and X6 M60i, have a new engine, but the power output remains the same. The engine produces 523 hp and 553 lb-ft, and it also has a 48V mild-hybrid system to help improve fuel efficiency slightly.

BMW's new plug-in xDrive50e has a more interesting driveline. It pairs the new inline-six with an electric motor that delivers 194 hp and 331 lb-ft of torque. The motor runs through the transmission, so it can deliver even more torque to the wheels. The total output is an M-like 483 hp with 516 lb-ft of torque. Thanks to a 25.7-kWh battery (25 per cent more energy capacity than BMW's previous PHEVs), the automaker expects it to offer around 64 km of electric driving range.

Inside, the midsize SUVs get changes that make them look more like the latest X7. That includes the 14.9-inch touchscreen that's integrated into the same glass bezel as the 12.3-inch digital dash. The system is driven by BMW OS 8, which comes with better speed as well as more intuitive and extensive voice command capability.

Driver assistance upgrades include Highway Assistant with hands-off highway driving and Assisted View, so you can see when and how it is working. Parking Assistant Professional upgrades include the ability to automatically reverse in tight spaces or store steering movements for tricky parking situations. BMW Digital Key Plus is also added to the Xs, letting owners use their Android or Apple smartphone instead of a traditional key fob.

Production for the 2024 BMW X5 and 2024 BMW X6 starts in April. Pricing starts from $86,000 for an X5 xDrive40i

2024 BMW X5 and X6 Canadian Pricing

  • X5 xDrive40i $86,000
  • X5 xDrive50e $90,500
  • X5 M60i $105,000
  • X6 xDrive40i $92,000
  • X6 M60i $108,000