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2024 Polestar 2 Gets Updated with New Motors, More Range

The Polestar 2 EV has only been on the market for three years in Canada, but it's already getting a big overhaul that includes the usual small appearance changes and two all-new motors. But perhaps one of the most interesting changes is a switch from front-drive for the basic model to rear-wheel drive.

Polestar changes up the nose slightly with what it calls the SmartZone grille. What was an opening is now a body-colour panel, and behind the panel are the front-facing camera, mid-range radar, and other sensors that help make its active safety features work. Polestar says it is "signifying the shift from 'breathing' through a front grille to 'seeing' the road ahead."

Two next-generation electric motors power the 2024 Polestar 2. Like we said earlier, the single-motor car is now rear-wheel drive, and it makes 299 hp instead of 231. Torque is up nearly 120 lb-ft to 361 lb-ft. With all that extra power, the Polestar 2 should get quicker but it also gets a bit more efficient and has a bit more battery capacity (up from 78 to 82 kWh). That means more range, up approximately 50 km to an estimated 483 km.

Dual-motor AWD cars get more power from the new motors as well, sort of. The Long Range Dual Motor car now makes 421 hp and 546 lb-ft, up from 408 and 467. But the Performance pack with its Ohlins suspension upgrades now makes just 455 hp to go with the 546 lb-ft of torque. That's down from the 476 hp (but up from 502 lb-ft) it offered last year.

At least all dual-motor cars get more range. Despite using a 78-kWh pack (smaller than the single motor), both dual-motor cars are estimated to get 437 km. That's about 20 km more range than last year.

“Changing from front- to rear-wheel drive in the single-motor variants, and re-calibrating the torque ratio in the dual-motor variant for an increased rear-wheel drive feel, elevates the Polestar 2 driving experience to a whole new level,” says Joakim Rydholm, Head of Chassis Development at Polestar. “The updated Polestar 2 is an even more playful and agile car."

Standard equipment levels are up for Canada as well. The Pilot Pack, with Pilot Assist, cross traffic alert, 360-degree camera, and other driver aids (was $4,700) is now standard on dual-motor cars. Wireless phone charging is also on all 2024 Polestar 2 models.

There's no word yet on when the 2024 Polestar 2 will arrive at the company's Polestar Space locations in Canada, and pricing has yet to be revealed.