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Porsche Goes Back to Basics with 2023 911 Carrera T

T is for Touring, and for Porsche that means a 911 designed to be as pure as possible. With the latest 911 Carrera T that means a lowered suspension, less weight, and more of the car's six-cylinder wail to be heard inside thanks to the removal of some sound insulation.

The 911T badge was first used to denote the base model of the car: back in 1968, it replaced the four-cylinder 912 as the entry point into Porsche 911 ownership. Brought back for 2018, it no longer means base or even basic – though it does share the base car's engine.

Like the base Porsche 911 Carrera, the Carrera T's 3.0L flat-six makes 379 hp and 331 lb-ft of torque. Unlike the base car, the Carrera T gets Porsche's torque vectoring system to send power left and rear at the rear axle. It also gets Porsche's mechanical limited-slip rear differential to make sure the car can power out of curves. A seven-speed stick is the default choice, while the eight-speed PDK is an available option.

Porsche Active Suspension Management – an adaptive damping system not normally offered on Carrera models – comes standard. Here, Porsche lowers the car by 10 mm for a dropped center of gravity and improved steering. The Sport Chrono package is also included. Rear axle steering is optional, normally offered only on Carrera S or higher.

Specific to the T are the 20-inch front and 21-inch rear wheels finished in Titanium Grey. The car comes with the GT sports steering wheel, a sports exhaust system, and four-way adjustable Sports Seats Plus.

Thanks to its standard equipment, the lack of rear seat, and the removed sound deadening, the 911 Carrera T tips the scales at just 1,470 kg when fitted with the seven-speed manual. Thinner rear glass and a lightweight battery help out as well. That makes it the lightest of the base-engine cars, 35 kg lighter than the normal 911 Carrera, which is only available with the eight-speed PDK transmission.

Other Porsche 911 Carrera T details include contrasting trim on the mirrors and door logos, all in a Dark Grey. The windscreen tint is grey as well. Inside, the car gets matte black trim with gloss black inserts. An optional Carrera T interior pack makes the seatbelts Slate Grey or Lizard Green as a contrast, with seat stitching to match.

The 2023 Porsche 911 Carrera T is set to hit dealers in the spring, and orders are open now. Pricing starts from $132,000, making it a bit of a bargain against the $125,600 of the basic car and $145,200 of the Carrera S.