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Dodge Sounds Last Call for Charger and Challenger, Brings Back Hellcat Durango SUV

The Dodge Charger and Dodge Challenger have been on the edge of being discontinued for what feels like years. Yet the automaker has done an amazing job of keeping the cars fresh by adding special editions and more power. For 2023, it's finally the Last Call, so Dodge is going all out with seven special editions, the return of classic colours, and more Jailbreak models. The brand is also bringing back the Durango SRT Hellcat and making it easier for you to buy a Challenger convertible.

Last Call for Charger, Challenger

The Charger and Challenger, as we know them, are at the end of the line, but Dodge is not going to let them go gently.

This last hurrah for the muscle cars starts with six new models that will "share a connection to iconic Dodge vehicles from the past." The new models will be teased during the next few months, but Dodge is holding back on the full reveals. There will be a seventh special edition model, too, this one getting a SEMA show reveal in November called "the very last of its kind."

Right away, Dodge is bringing back B5 Blue, Plum Crazy, Sublime, and Destroyer Grey. There will be 14 total colour options for the year. All of the 2023 cars will get a special Last Call plaque under the hood, featuring the car's name and Assembled in Brampton origins.

SRT Jailbreak, a package that let you add some options not normally offered expands. It will be offered on the narrow-body Hellcat models, not just the SRT Hellcat Redeye widebody.

Durango Hellcat Returns

It was only meant to run for one year in 2021, but the Durango SRT Hellcat lives for 2023. The 710-hp three-row super SUV acts like it was never gone, boasting an 11.5-second quarter mile and the ability to tow 8,700 lbs (though not at the same time).

This SUV was a beast when it first arrived, using Dodge's 6.2L supercharged Hellcat V8 along with a special eight-speed automatic, upgraded brakes, massive tires, and a full suite of performance software features like launch control and launch assist. For 2023, it will get all of that same stuff. Dodge says production starts the fourth quarter of this year, but didn't say how many of these brutes it will build.

Get Your Challenger Drop Top

Lastly, even though Dodge hasn't offered a factory convertible Challenger since 1971, the company is making it easier for you to get one today. Drop Top Customs has been building convertible versions of the car for the past few years and has decades of experience building these types of conversions.

Dodge has facilitated the process for you or your dealer to arrange to have your car shipped from the factory to Drop Top Customs for conversion and then to your dealer. Instead of having to get the car and then ship it. Drop Top offers a three-year warranty on its work, with conversions starting from US$25,999.