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Own the Road with AutoTrader Podcast is Making Car Stuff Simple

Own the Road with AutoTrader is a podcast making car stuff simple for Canadians.

The world of cars can be confusing, but our experts are here to help. Own the Road will help make sense of everything car-related from demystifying the car-buying process to breaking down the latest automotive news to helping you pick which car buy next or even understanding car maintenance better. When it comes to cars, our goal is to empower you to feel more confident.

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Our hosts Dan Ilika and Jodi Lai (AutoTrader's Road Test Editor and Editor in Chief, respectively) are two friends and car experts who pride themselves on being able to talk about car stuff in an approachable way that's easy to understand regardless of if you're a casual driver or an automotive enthusiast. This show is for everyone!

Each episode will be packed with useful tips and tricks, nuggets of knowledge that will help you understand the car world better, and probably our hosts roasting each other once in a while. Some episodes will have guests, most will have themes, and every episode will have our hosts answering your car questions.

So far, we've shared episodes about green driving, electric vehicles, car camping, trucks, performance cars, road trips, the supercar experience, AWD, off-roading, car buying advice, our favourite pop culture cars, winter tires, ice racing, road rage rants, winter driving tips, money saving tips, demystifying EV range and charging, premium gas, and more!

If you have questions about anything car-related (or even personal questions for our hosts) please email There's no such thing as a silly question. If you have a car question, there's a high possibility that someone else will be wondering the exact same thing, so don't be embarrassed. Our hosts are here to help, regardless of how simple or complicated your car question is! Also let us know if there's a particular theme topic you'd like us to cover on the podcast.

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