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Ford Bronco Everglades Ready for Hell or High Water

It won't get the attention of the big-power dune-jumping Bronco Raptor, but Ford's latest special edition Bronco adds some serious capability in a different way. Called the Ford Bronco Everglades, the new version adds on to the Sasquatch off-road package with a snorkel, a winch, and some unique cosmetic updates.

The Ford Bronco Sasquatch package already adds a lifted suspension, 35-inch tires, and locking differentials. The Everglades model helps you use that extra height by adding a snorkel to the A-Pillar designed to keep water out of the engine. A removable plate lets you put the snorkel opening at the front for driving in sand or at the rear for driving in heavy rain or snowfalls.

Combine the snorkel with raised vents for the axles, transfer case, and transmission, and the Ford can ford 92 cm of water. That's 7 cm more than the standard Sasquatch and about 15 cm more than a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon can handle.

Because water that deep will be joining you in the cabin, the Everglades gets a rubber floor and marine-grade vinyl seats. Urban green accents have been added to the air vents and seat stitching to make the Everglades a bit more special.

The 10,000-lb Warn winch is bolted to a Ford Performance modular front bumper. Thirty metres of synthetic line are included to help make sure you can get out if the mud-terrain tires weren't quite enough. You can also use that pulling power to help your friends out of an off-road jam.

New fender flares are as wide as a Sasquatch's but are more squared off. The Everglades model is offered in an exclusive Desert Sand paint, plus four other standard Bronco colours. Everglades graphics finish up the exterior cosmetic changes, but functional changes outside include a safari bar, rock rails, and steel bash plates.

Ford says 2022 Bronco Everglades models will be available to order starting in March, and deliveries are expected to begin in the summer.