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New 2023 Genesis G90 is More Chauffeur-Ready Than Ever

Genesis has just revealed more details about the all-new G90 sedan. The powertrain for the flagship sedan has been announced along with features like a height-adjustable air suspension and a fingerprint scanner that elevate the level of luxury available from the marque.

The exterior design starts with the brand's now-signature two-line stacked headlights that use a new microlens array low beam that lights the road using around 200 fibre optic lenses per module and integrate the daytime running light lens with the turn signal to make them the thinnest the brand has used yet.

Those lamps integrate into a grille that's shaped more like the brand's shield logo, while Genesis says the thick C-pillars at the rear are meant to allow for better outward visibility for rear-seat passengers but also give those same passengers more privacy. Genesis has lowered the rear licence plate location and the reverse lights in a move it says will tidy up the rear profile.

A 3.5L turbocharged engine will be the only engine and it's matched with an eight-speed automatic transmission. Power figures weren't revealed, but we don't expect less than the 375 hp and 391 lb-ft the same powertrain offers in the smaller G80.

The sedan will come with a multi-chamber air suspension that can lower at speed for better aerodynamics or rise up for a softer ride over rough roads. The G90 can also automatically lift the front end to stop the car from scraping its bumper on steep slopes like a driveway or speed bump.

New active noise cancelling and laminated glass are just part of the automaker's efforts to make the interior quieter, and Genesis says the car is designed for chauffeured passengers as much as drivers. Part of the latter is tailored noise cancelling for each seating position.

Flush door handles extend when the smart key approaches the car and the doors will close without the passenger needing to pull them. The driver's door will allow automatic closing as soon as you touch the brake pedal for a handy (and cool) getaway. Engine start can be done by using a fingerprint scanner instead of the key as well.

The cabin itself looks to be crafted on the same level as the benchmark-setting German sedans the G90 competes with. A large screen fills most of the dashboard, while two rotary knobs that control the gear selection and infotainment sit on the centre console. Creature comforts include a fragrance system and a 23-speaker Bang & Olufsen audio system. The massage seats automatically tighten the bolsters at speed or in Sport mode. They also automatically relax to let occupants enter or exit easily. Then there's the ultimate chauffeur goody, a speaker in the driver seat headrest that issues alerts and nav directions without bothering other passengers.

Deliveries of the 2023 Genesis G90 are expected to start next year and the brand will have more details and specs leading up to its arrival.