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Honda Prologue Electric Crossover Coming to Canada for 2024

Honda has confirmed it is developing a battery-electric crossover model that will go on sale in Canada for the 2024 model year.

The electric crossover will be called the Honda Prologue, which refers to the vehicle’s status as the first in a series of EVs set to come from the Honda brand in the near future.

In a statement, Honda Canada CEO Jean-Marc Leclerc said the Prologue will be “a battery-electric SUV that will provide our Canadian customers with what they expect from Honda; an exciting, reliable, safe, and fun to drive vehicle.”

Details on the Honda Prologue are slim at the moment, however the electric crossover will utilize so-called “Ultium” lithium-ion battery packs developed and manufactured by the Japanese automaker’s advanced powertrains partner, General Motors.

In addition, Honda is also developing a premium electric crossover that will fall under its upmarket Acura brand. Like its Honda counterpart, the Acura EV will also utilize GM Ultium batteries and will launch in Canada for the 2024 model year.

Looking further into the future, Honda will rely less on GM for its battery-electric powertrains. The company says it is plotting a “new series of EV models” that will arrive in the second half of the decade based on its in-house e:Architecture platform. This will carry the automaker toward its eventual goal of producing electric vehicles only by 2040.

Honda plans to release “more specific” details on the Prologue in the coming months. Some of these details will be posted to its dedicated webpage for the vehicle.