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New Ford Maverick Pickup Truck Coming Soon

Ford has announced that it is adding a new pickup truck to its lineup called the Maverick. Arriving shortly after the all-electric F-150 Lightning, truck will slot in below the Ranger as the brand's smallest model with a box.

The teaser ad to go along with the photo calls the new Maverick "the truck you didn't see coming," though we've seen plenty of spy photos and heard many rumours about the new model. Ford says it's the rebirth of a classic nameplate, even if we're not sure how many of you will recall the original two-door (and later four-door) coupe that was on sale here from 1969 through 1977 as a competitor to the Volkswagen Beetle.

We expect big things for the small truck and are interested to see how it will compare to the recently revealed Hyundai Santa Cruz. The upcoming Santa Cruz is a crossover-based four-door pickup, which will look to snag city buyers away from their larger trucks and crossover owners who want to carry more cargo.

The Maverick will be revealed by Ford on June 8 via the automaker's social media channels. It will also be featured on the Instagram and TikTok channels of vehicle spokesperson and actor Gabrielle Union.

What else can we tell about the Maverick? It will offer a crew cab and a sunroof, and it looks to have truck-like styling rather than a more crossover-shaped body. It also looks to have a proper truck rear bumper and trailer hitch package below the Maverick-stamped tailgate. For the rest, we'll update you next week.