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The Cheapest Pickup Trucks in Canada: 2021

These days, the high prices for luxury pickup trucks can make your eyes water. But at the other end, what do you get for the least amount of money? We’ve checked every truck manufacturer to find the base prices on their 2021 half-ton and midsize offerings.

We’ve gone with the MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price) before freight and taxes. Some of these trucks might end up being even cheaper with incentives, but since these can vary from dealer to dealer, we haven’t factored them in. There’s a wide range of prices here, and often that’s because the base models aren’t identically configured. Remember that when you’re comparing.

Some of these trucks are very basic (although all have air conditioning), and not likely in dealers’ stock. You’ll either have to order one, or like most buyers, you’ll get something with a few more amenities. We’ll start with the least-expensive pickups.

General Motors

Chevrolet Silverado – $32,048

Chevrolet’s half-ton starts at $32,048, for a Regular Cab with a 4.3L V6 and 4x2, in WT (Work Truck) trim. Adding 4x4 is $36,248. Crew Cabs are the most popular, and so the same engine and trim in Crew will be $39,348 in 4x2, and $43,148 in 4x4. The WT gives you a split-bench vinyl front seat, wind-up windows, and manual door locks and mirrors.

GMC Sierra – $33,248

GMC and Chevrolet trucks are mechanical twins, but GMC is the more upscale of the two. In Regular Cab, with 4.3L V6 and 4x2, the base trim starts at $33,248, and in 4x4, it’s $37,448. In Crew Cab, the 4.3L V6 with 4x2 is $40,548, and in 4x4, it’s $44,348. The locks, windows and mirrors are manual, but you get chrome bumpers instead of the Silverado’s plain black ones.

Chevrolet Colorado – $27,948

The midsize Colorado comes only in Extended or Crew Cab. In Extended, in WT trim, in 4x2, and with a 2.5L four-cylinder, you’ll pay $27,948. Add 4x4 and it’s $32,048. On this base trim you get a power driver’s seat, power windows and locks, and carpeting. In Crew Cab, your WT 4x2 with four-cylinder will be $29,648. However, the 4x4 comes only with a 3.6L V6, and starts at $34,948.

GMC Canyon – $28,648

The Extended Cab 4x2, with 2.5L four-cylinder in base Elevation Standard trim, starts at $28,648, and in 4x4 it’s $34,548. In Crew Cab, the Elevation Standard 4x2 with four-cylinder is $30,348. The Crew Cab in 4x4 has a 3.6L V6 as its base engine (in both brands, a four-cylinder diesel is the next step up), and starts at $40,948.


F-150 – $33,429

The least-expensive F-150 is a Regular Cab, 6.5-foot bed, 4x2, with 3.3L V6, and it’s $33,429. Go for 4x4 and it’s $37,929. As with GM, you have to crank your windows and unlock the doors with a key, and the floor is vinyl, but the seats are cloth-covered. The same trim and engine in SuperCrew, which adds power front windows, is $42,789 in 4x2, and $45,939 in 4x4.

Ranger – $34,573

Ford’s midsize is pricier than GM’s, but 4x4 is standard equipment. There’s one engine, a turbocharged 2.3L “EcoBoost” four-cylinder. The $34,573 is for a SuperCab (extended cab) in base XL trim. The SuperCrew starts one trim higher, at XLT, which includes items such as dual-zone climate control, blind-spot monitoring and lane-keeping assist, and it’s $38,308.


Ridgeline – $44,355

The Ridgeline is unique in this list, in that it’s based on an all-wheel drive SUV (but is surprisingly off-road capable), and with a locking trunk in its bed, and a two-way tailgate. All trims use a 3.5L V6. That base price gets the entry-level Sport, but with more than most base-trim trucks, including tri-zone climate control, 10-way power driver’s seat, heated seats and steering wheel, sunroof, and adaptive cruise control.


Gladiator – $49,215

Jeep’s off-road warrior comes in at $49,215 for the Sport S with 3.6L V6, and 4x4 is standard The trim includes removable doors, fold-down soft top, cloth bucket seats, roll-up tonneau cover, all-weather floor mats, power mirrors, towing package, auxiliary switches, and keyless entry.


Ram 1500 – $45,320

Unlike its Detroit rivals, Ram doesn’t offer its full-size 1500 in a Regular Cab. That $45,320 gets you a Quad Cab 4x2, with 3.6L V6 in base Tradesman trim. It’s $49,320 to put 4x4 in that. For Crew Cab, with that same engine and trim, it’s $47,020 in 4x2, and $51,020 in 4x4. The Tradesman includes power windows, keyless entry, cruise control, and bench seat with vinyl upholstery.

Ram 1500 Classic – $36,295

An all-new Ram arrived for 2019, but the company kept making the old one, now dubbed the Classic, in Regular, Quad, or Crew Cab. A Regular Cab in Tradesman trim with 3.6L V6 is $36,295 in 4x2, or $43,295 in 4x4. In Crew Cab, the prices are $45,995 and $49,995. Features are similar to the current-generation 1500 Tradesman trim.


Tundra – $47,010

Toyota’s full-size pickup has our list’s second-highest starting price, but comes only with a 5.7L V8 engine and in 4x4 configuration, and with no Regular Cab. That $47,010 gets you a Double Cab, while a CrewMax starts at $48,080. Standard features on the base level include adaptive cruise control, emergency front braking, power locks and windows, heated cloth seats, power driver’s seat, power heated mirrors, and towing package.

Tacoma – $38,350

The midsize Tacoma comes only with a 3.5L V6 and in 4x4 configuration. In Access Cab, it starts at $38,350, while Double Cab begins at $39,350. Those starting prices include adaptive cruise control, emergency front braking, heated cloth seats, power windows and locks, and heated power mirrors.


Titan – $50,498

The full-size Titan is leaving Canada after the 2021 model year. It’s the highest base price here, but it comes only in Crew Cab, with a 5.6L V8 and in 4x4. For that, you get items such as push-button start, cloth bench seat, emergency front braking, blind-spot monitoring, and lane-departure warning.

Frontier – $ TBA

Nissan’s midsize went on hiatus for 2021 in Canada, and will return as an all-new model later in the year as a 2022, with pricing to be announced. It’ll have a 3.8L V6 engine, standard 4x4, and come in King Cab or Crew Cab.

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