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Jeep Adds Half-Sized Doors to Wrangler Options List

Jeep Wrangler buyers now have a new way to enjoy open-air driving with a dual-door option for the compact off-roader.

Wrangler buyers who choose the Wrangler’s new dual-door option from the Mopar factory options catalog will get their two- or four-door SUV with full steel doors installed and a second set of half doors with removable windows packaged up inside the car.

The half doors have a lower window ledge than the standard ones, which Jeep says helps improve visibility in off-road driving. Along with the smaller doors, you’ll also get a choice of standard or premium upper window assemblies: in the standard package, they’re made of vinyl, while the upgraded windows are acrylic. In both cases, the windows match the materials used in the standard and optional convertible soft tops.

Jeep offers the half doors with the same convenience niceties you can add to any Wrangler, like power mirrors, blind spot detection, power locks, and both regular and passive keyless entry.

Jeep says no matter which options you choose, swapping the doors takes a matter of minutes, with the half-size units using the same hinges and wiring harness as the full-size doors. Both window designs also promise to be easy to install and remove without tools.

You’ll be able to option your Wrangler with the new dual-door package starting this spring on Sport, Rubicon, Sahara and 4xe Wrangler models in both two- and four-door configurations. Pricing starts at $3,175 and $5,395 for two- and four-door models, respectively, with the basic vinyl window setup. Opt for the acrylic windows and prices increase to $3,445 and $5,935 for two- and four-door Wranglers.