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Exclusive: Electric Genesis eG80 Spotted at Hyundai Canada HQ

Luxury automaker Genesis confirmed early this year that it would be launching an electric crossover sometime in 2021. Now, Editor-in-Chief Jodi Lai has spotted a vehicle testing that looks to be a Genesis G80 with a plug that seems much closer to production-ready than anything else we've seen from the brand. Call this your first look at the Genesis eG80 electric sedan.

The G80 with a plug was spotted parked in front of the Hyundai Canada headquarters in Markham, Ont., near Toronto. The car is clearly a G80, based on the wheels as well as the double-stacked side marker and taillights, despite it being extensively wrapped to disguise its appearance. What's unique about this car, spotted wearing manufacturer licence plates, is that it's plugged into a charging station. Going by a 2019 trademark filing, this will likely launch as the Genesis eG80.

We're calling this a full electric vehicle (EV) and not a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) since Genesis has said in the past that it would be skipping the PHEV half-measure and going straight to full EVs. The charge port and new trim surround blocking most of the grille seem to confirm that it's a full electric, since it doesn't need the large opening otherwise found on the G80. The car's wrap disguise has a spot for a fuel door opening where the G80's would normally be, which could mean a PHEV, but equally could mean that Genesis is using the same wrap as used on the gas prototypes, or that the brand is trying to keep us on our toes. What we can spot for sure is the cool charge logo detailing on the charge door that turns the usual power-button logo into a G shape instead.

As far as when we could expect to see this car officially revealed, this prototype does look quite production-ready.  Whether this is a trip to Canada for final winter calibration, or just to let marketing, sales, and product planning staff get a good look at the vehicle during a time when they can't fly to the company's Korean HQ for a proper look there isn't known – though both are likely reasons for the car's presence.