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Hyundai Triples Canadian Kona EV Supply to Meet Demand

Hyundai says it's making buying an EV in Canada a little easier. Supply of their Kona electric has increased, and the company says that the waiting list is gone for the first time since the model launched. It also makes the company the second-largest seller of EVs in the country.

The electric version of the Kona and its 415 km range has been a hit with buyers since hitting the market in 2018, Hyundai says. Demand was higher than supply from the go. “In the first month of sales, we knew the global supply simply wouldn’t be enough,” said Ken Maisonville, Director of Sales at Hyundai Auto Canada. “We have increased our supply every year but still weren’t able to catch up with the demand.”

In March of this year, Hyundai Motor Company moved production of Kona EVs headed to Europe to a factory in the Czech Republic, and that freed up production in Korea for vehicles to send to other markets, including Canada.

In 2019, the automaker imported just 2,600 Kona EVs, it said, while for 2020, it will bring in a total of 7,900 by the end of the year.

This extra supply has let dealers fill existing orders and remove the waiting list, and will also allow them to keep vehicles in inventory. That lets potential buyers get behind the wheel of an EV, often for the first time, and simplifies the buying process since most people don't want to wait months for their new vehicle. The 2021 model Kona Electric is on sale now.