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2022 Honda Civic Prototype Previews Next Generation of Automotive Icon

The new 2022 Honda Civic Prototype was previewed during a Honda-hosted Twitch live stream tonight, giving us a sneak preview of the eleventh generation of the iconic compact commuter.

In an official statement, Honda said this sedan-shaped prototype “draws inspiration from timeless elements of Honda design, including a low and wide stance, low beltline, clean and sophisticated detailing, and an open and airy cabin.” The prototype has a cleaner, more minimalist vibe than the current tenth-generation Civic and looks more akin to the tenth-generation Honda Accord.

This cleaner look has resulted in better visibility, as well. By moving the front roof pillars rearward and relocating the side mirrors to the doors, drivers will have a clearer view through the front and side windows when driving.

This is only a prototype car, so Honda hasn’t released details on the powertrain just yet, although it did confirm the car will offer “more powerful and fuel-efficient powertrains,” than the tenth-generation Civic. The production-spec model will arrive in late spring 2021 with the launch of the Civic Sedan, which will be followed by the sportier Civic Hatchback model and eventually the performance-focused Civic Si. The eleventh-gen Civic will also spawn a new high-performance Type R variant.

The sole interior sketch released by Honda shows a minimalist interior that attempts to mimic some of the cleaner and more straightforward lives of earlier Civic models. The compact will be offered with a new digital driver’s display, as well, and a nine-inch infotainment screen that will be mounted atop the dashboard.

Not surprisingly, an upgraded suite of the automaker’s Honda Sensing active safety technologies is in the cards for this next-gen Civic. The Japanese automaker didn’t provide very much detail on its new active safety offerings, only saying it will “introduce multiple new active and passive safety systems,” on the car. New airbag designs also promise to improve the vehicle’s safety.

The 2022 Honda Civic will continue to be built in North America, as well, with the compact set to enter production at the automaker’s plants in Greensburg, Ind., and Alliston, Ont. sometime next year.