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Jeep Teasing Wagoneer, PHEV Wrangler, Both to Debut Soon

Jeep is teasing fans again, showing off some clips on Twitter of two of its most anticipated vehicles in years. The electrified Wrangler and what we expect to be the rebirth of the Grand Wagoneer.

OK, almost all of Jeep's new models are highly anticipated, but you can't fault the SUV maker for doing an amazing job of building hype. And part of that hype comes from clips like the one embedded below, along with photos showing just a glimpse of its latest vehicles.

First up is the new Jeep Wrangler 4Xe, a plug-in hybrid version of the king of off-roaders. Since this just looks like a Wrangler on the outside and the new powertrain is hidden underneath, Jeep can show us more. Jeep says the PHEV is "so quiet, it's like someone turned the volume up on nature." With an expected range (on-road) of around 50 km using electric power, the idea of slinking through nature topless and doorless in near-complete silence with just the sound of leaves crinkling and branches cracking underneath the wheels is an appealing one. Jeep says that the 4Xe is coming in December.

The next teaser, well, we're still not completely sure what it's about. Jeep says it's "the return of a vehicle that defined a generation of adventure." We assume that means the Wagoneer, sold from the 1960s through to the 1990s, but we're not sure if Jeep is planning just a Wagoneer, the high-spec Grand Wagoneer name, or both.

Jeep calls it "the shape of premium" so we're assuming Grand, and it shows the outline of the Jeep's nose over a nighttime city skyline. The city looks to be Los Angeles, and while we're not sure what that has to do with off-roading, it could have to do with the LA Auto Show, which was scheduled to happen at the end of November.

Except that Jeep has said that we'll see the Wagoneer Sept. 3, so might be a sign of previous plans or it might just have been a good-looking choice of pretty buildings. We'll find out soon enough when the full model is revealed in a little over a week.