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Tesla Debuts New Model S Long Range Plus with 647 KM of Range

Tesla continues to up the ante in the electric vehicle space and has debuted the new Model S Long Range Plus with 647 kilometres of range. That range is a 20 per cent increase over the Model S 100D it replaces and this new model now leads the mainstream and mass-produced electric vehicle market for having the highest range.

Tesla says it was able to achieve this increase in range by cutting weight in various components, introducing more aerodynamic wheels, and using more efficient custom tires. The American company has also tweaked the drive unit to run more efficiently, and has also introduced a new Hold feature for the regenerative brakes so that they can work at lower speeds and deceleration rates.

The all-wheel-drive dual-motor Tesla Model S Long Range Plus can accelerate to 100 k/h in 3.8 seconds and has 804 litres of cargo capacity. Using a Tesla Supercharger, a 15-minute charge results in up to 219 km of range being added. The Long Range Plus model goes for $105,990.

The Model S Performance sprints to 100 km/h in 2.5 seconds and has a 560-km range and starts at $130,990.

Tesla also says it has deployed V3 Supercharging on three continents that cut charging times by 50 per cent over the V2 technology.