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Lego Unveils Slick New Lamborghini Technic Set

With the hype and hoopla of a genuine supercar unveiling, Lego pulled the cover off its first ever Lamborghini set – and it’s a doozy.

The scaled-down unveil of the Lego Technik Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 apparently took over 1,000 hours to pull off and was made entirely of Lego Technik pieces. The video posted below is much-watch content for any gearhead craving the kind of reveals we’ve missed in the wake of auto shows around the globe being cancelled. Plus, it’s a cool peek behind the curtain to see what went into the event.

The ultra-exclusive Sián was the ideal candidate to be the first immortalized in polymer given its status as the Raging Bull brand’s first-ever production hybrid. The 1:8 scale version is big – like, really big. Made up of 3,696 pieces, the car stands over 13 cm high, 25 cm wide, and 60 cm long, giving it the plasticized proportions of the real thing.

The lime green exterior of the replica kit looks cool, but it’s what’s underneath that’s truly fascinating, with incredible detail – some you can see and plenty that you can’t. There’s moving suspension bits, brake discs complete with Lamborghini-branded calipers, and a V12 engine with internal components that actually move. The interior looks like a pretty good replica of the real supercar, right down to moveable paddle shifters. There’s even a little overnight bag under the hood.

For a bit of context, the full-size Sián is limited to just 63 units globally and gets its power from a V12 engine and a 48V mild-hybrid system. Output is estimated to be around 770 hp, helping the Sián sprint to 100 km/h in just 2.8 seconds.

Given the creativity Lego fosters, it’s cool to see all the work that was put into the Lego set’s unveiling. The kit will be available on the Lego website on June 1, followed by a wider launch at third-party retailers on Aug. 1. Canadians will pay $489.99 for the scaled down Sián, making it the most expensive car in the Lego Technic range. Until it’s available, the $399.99 Bugatti Chiron holds the title.