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We Asked Kids to Draw Their Dream Cars and the Results Are Incredible

Pablo Picasso once said that “Every child is an artist,” and if we shared their worldview and unique perspective, every adult could also be an artist.

Kids can be a constant source of inspiration, with their brains conjuring up all sorts of magical things that can sometimes make parenting an exhausting full-time job. Kids are naturally excellent artists because they don’t let facts get in the way of their creativity. Kids don’t feel confined by the laws of physics or rules of design.

Which is why they make such incredible car designers. Kids have wild imaginations, so we asked a bunch of them to draw their dream cars and the results were phenomenal.

Eli, 5

Eli’s dream car is a rainbow dinosaur truck that seats six people. But wait, it gets better! “It can transform into an airplane,” he said casually, “in case you need to go across water.” Instead of a boring regular steering wheel, the rainbow dinosaur truck is controlled by Gameboy-like buttons and Eli says he would drive it, not his mom or dad. This seems really innovative and I would definitely like to drive Eli’s car one day.

Savannah, 8

Savannah’s dream car sounds like a wild party. “The honker explodes candy into your mouth,” she said, explaining that when you push the button on the candy machine, you’ll have to play a game and “there’s gonna be music” and the goal of the game is to get the candy in your mouth. There’s also a pool at the back because Savannah loves doing crazy stunts and gymnastics while jumping into the water. “There’s jets and they can make you fly in the air,” she said, adding that the car she drew was a Mercedes. Her mom drives a Mercedes, but it doesn’t have a candy exploder game or a pool, so she needs to step up her game.

Emma, 5

Emma’s dream car looks like it could be a mid-engine hypercar from a boutique company. Emma used a few different shades of green in her design, along with some interesting aerodynamics and a pink bumper. “I would like a green car with a steering wheel, a TV, a remote, a cotton candy maker and that’s it,” she says. She says this car is a Porsche, and I think the typically very serious German automaker might be down with including a cotton candy maker in its next supercar.

Madison, 12

Madison’s dream car looks much more realistic, and that’s because it’s based on a real car! She’s almost a teenager, just four years away from being able to learn how to drive, so her dream car is pretty practical with almost no wild features. “I like it because it’s a Mini Convertible, I like the colour purple,” she said. “The roof opens and it is fast.” Before you think this dream car is too normal, Madison added that it would also be able to fly.

Mackenzie, 10

We have another convertible here, which makes sense because Mackenzie says her dad drives a convertible. “A feature I like is that the roof opens,” she said. Mackenzie’s dream car has white racing stripes, which for sure makes the car go faster, but the best feature is definitely the onboard candy machine.

Mia, 7

Mia’s dream car is much more realistic than the other examples we saw. She clearly has fancy tastes because she drew a purple Lamborghini Aventador, and quite accurately, I might add. But she does have some improvements to suggest — she wants it to have four seats. “It can open the roof,” she said, suggesting she would like a convertible. It would also have “a lightning bolt at the end.” I love that idea, but does she mean she wants it to be electric or have a tail like Pikachu? “The inside will have a steering wheel, an air conditioning button on a little screen, and a four-seater with a cool handle.” All the supercar basics!

Caellum, 8

Lamborghini seems to be doing something right because Caellum’s dream car is the second Lambo here. Caellum described his dream car in one giant run-on sentence, so I’ve tried to add punctuation where appropriate. “I really like Lamborghinis. They are fast and they are one of the fastest cars in the world. They’re faster than a motorcycle and they’re very expensive,” he said. “You have to pay more money to buy them than a house because they are so many dollars and you need to get a job to get all those dollars and I didn’t draw wheels because I want my Lamborghini to be a hover action car.” I admire him for wanting a job to “get all those dollars” instead of taking the easy way out by winning the lottery.

Rylar, 4

Rylar’s dream car drawing gives us a lot to unpack, but for our youngest participant, he has some great ideas. It takes a bit of deciphering to see what’s going on, but Rylar was kind enough to share his vision with us, standing in front of a Hot Wheels track, a very important indicator of his love for cars. The dream car has a few very unique elements: A pokeball to make catching Pokemon more convenient, spikes (not sure what they’re for), balloons (I hope they’re not too close to the spikes), a rainbow, and, of course, jetpacks.

Chayse, 6

Chayse’s dream car is basically a castle on wheels, he said. Like Rylar, his car also features a built-in rainbow. He points out the “humongous wheels,” which makes sense because they have to accommodate an entire castle. One thing that didn’t really click was when Chayse pointed out the “teeth” in his drawing of the car, so I investigated further. The teeth are for eating candy, he clarified. Does this mean the car is powered by candy that's refuelled through a giant mouth? I still had so many questions. Another unique feature he pointed out was the “lightning bolts.” This struck me as interesting because he’s the second kid here to feature lightning bolts on their dream car. Does that mean it’s electric? Does it mean the car creates its own weather system? Or is it just an aesthetic choice?

Derek, 9

Derek's dream car is definitely the most ambitious and detailed submission — and the most expensive. "I didn't want to add too much features because I get carried away sometimes," he said. If this is considered the pared-down version, I really want to see what features he left out!

Derek's car has two modes: Normal mode and Future mode. In Normal mode, it's as fast as a Bugatti, he explains, and has "three layers of hard metal that will survive three car crashes." Naturally, it has a classic sunroof. Future mode is where things get even more interesting. It can hover over the ground and fly over 1,000 feet in the air. It also has the ability to stick to the land and has enough power to survive a tornado. Of course, it also has a sunroof. Perhaps the best part is that Derek's dream car costs $950 million. When we questioned why it was so expensive, he was outraged and said "Come on! Look at the features, man!"

Mila, 7

Mila's dream car is a flying cat, an idea I can definitely get behind. "I drew a car with wings that can fly, boosters which shoot out blue fire ... and it's a cat," she said. "And it's blue, red and pink and it can fly into the clouds." She provides some rationale behind her artistic decisions: "I like cats and I like to go really fast and fly!"

It seems like the ability to fly is a popular dream feature for kids, and I don't blame them. I think a lot of adults would love that feature too.

Monika, 5

Monika is Mila's sister and their submissions were a bit late because "They got into a huge fight, apparently, and destroyed each other's drawings," their uncle tells us. But late is better than never, so I'm glad they put aside their differences to make new drawings of their dream cars.

"It has a unicorn on it because I like unicorns," she said. "It has purple on it because my favourite colour is purple." She explains that the window is blue because her dad's favourite colour is blue. Her dream car also has a rainbow that looks like it follows them around wherever they go. "It's there because I like rainbows," she says. She was very coy regarding one feature we asked about, saying "I don't want to tell you about it." The mystery is killing me!

Santiago, 14


Santiago has big dreams to create his own car company called BDesign Architecture & Automotive Design. He's already planned two cars from different two lineups in his company, one from an affordable brand called Regal-Stag and the other from the luxury arm, called Bélanger Motor Co. "These cars are really cool," he writes. "Both of these cars would be offered in both Lithium-Ion and Hydrogen Fuel Cell powertrains. All SUVs come standard in AWD, and each car is extremely custom!" He says the paint colours and infotainment systems can be completely customized for each customer.

Sustainability is a big part of his plans, so he wants to offer "No-Moo" faux leather seating and adds that "all wood and leather are fair-trade and recycled from recycled leather products."

It’s Your Turn

If you would like to join in on the fun, have your kids draw their dream car and email us at editors@trader.ca. Tell the kids to let their imaginations run wild! We’ll pick our favourites to feature in a follow-up article and on social media. We'll be adding more submissions to this article as they roll in, so keep your eyes peeled for more of these automotive masterpieces!