Ride-hailing giant Uber has thousands of drivers delivering millions of rides every year, and with that many passengers getting in and out of cars, things are bound to be left behind. For the past four years, Uber has revealed a list of the most commonly lost items and some of the strangest things left behind including a boulder, medical devices, and bibles. But those don't even make our list of the top 10 most ridiculous things left in an Uber in the U.S. and Canada in the last year.

Brown Bear Costume

This tops the list not just because it seems uniquely Canadian, but because how do you forget a costume? Even a kids costume is large enough that you can't help but see it even stuffed into the footwell. Maybe it was left behind in Windsor, the most forgetful city in Canada, according to Uber.


That's right, someone left their retainer behind in the back of an Uber. We're hoping it was from a container or fresh from the dentist, not removed en route. If you thank that one's bad, someone left their teeth behind too, showing some serious trouble retaining them.

Swarovski Binoculars

Another one from south of the border, where Lubbock, TX, was the most forgetful, this might be one of the most conspicuous items to get left behind. Even a series of crystals glittering in the light didn't stop these binoculars from being forgotten in the back seat of a car.


Something was fishy in the back of that Uber, with the expensive appetizer probably turning quickly while left behind unnoticed. Unless the driver pulled out some dry toasts to really earn that five-star rating from the next passengers.

A Cooler of Breast Milk

This one comes from south of the border, where the most commonly lost item is a phone (unless it's a Sunday because left-behind bibles peaks that day) but one of the strangest is a cooler of breast milk. First off, that makes it sound like a large quantity, but this poor person left behind a lot of effort either way. We understand, having infants around is enough to make anyone forgetful.

Three Canvas Paintings of Toronto

Why such a specific artwork subject, we don't know, but we're sure whoever had put the effort into painting these three works, or paid the money to buy them, would be sorely missing their art. We're not sure what part of Toronto, but we'll assume the eighth-most forgetful city in the country was featured in the usual skyline from Lake Ontario.

Diamond Cufflinks

We're not sure why someone was removing their cufflinks in the back of the ride, but we hope it was to relax just a little, and not to subject their driver to a PDA show. And maybe it was getting too relaxed that lead to them forgetting their fashion accessories, not getting caught up with their amour.

Jenga Game

You take a block from the bottom and you leave it in the back of your ride. Somebody's afternoon took a turn for the boring when they left the classic block-arranging game behind in the back of their Uber. Did their plans topple as a result? We're not sure.

Air Mattress

This leave-behind could have really deflated someone's plans. Nobody wants to fall flat on the floor over a lost item like that, but some Uber rider managed to forget their air mattress in their ride when they got out.

Harry Potter Board Game

The person who left this behind might have tried to clear their mind and cast Accio, the summoning charm, but there's an easier way to get your lost stuff back from your Uber. Open the app, tap your trips, and then select lost item and contact your driver about the item. It will contact your driver, and you can find out if they have your item to co-ordinate its return. If you left your phone, you can do the same from any computer.