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90,000 Ford F-150 Pickups Recalled for Possible Tailgate Opening Issue

Ford is recalling of nearly 90,000 F-150 pickups for a tailgate latching issue that could see cargo falling out on the highway.

The recall, just issued by Transport Canada, covers 89,472 Ford F-150 pickups from model years 2015 through 2018. The reported issue is that some trucks equipped with electrically latching tailgates could have that latch malfunction. If that happens, the tailgate could unlatch on its own and the tailgate could open while driving. If the tailgate opens while driving, cargo in the bed could fall out of the truck and onto the road. Loose cargo that falls onto the road, of course, is a hazard to any vehicle that's following.

The fix is a trip to the dealer for a modification of the tailgate and frame wiring harness as well as a new tailgate handle release switch. Ford will start notifying customers by mail.

While a tailgate falling open in motion is obviously a problem, we'd like to remind you to make sure your cargo is secured, faulty tailgate or not. Other road conditions, like large bumps or sharp corners, can also send your unsecured stuff flying, possibly causing a collision or getting you a ticket.