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Intact 1927 Chevrolet Found in 90-Year-Old Sunken Ship in Lake Huron

A sunken ship was found at the bottom of Lake Huron last year, where it has rested since 1928. Shipwrecks are pretty cool, but this one seems even more special because a 1927 Chevrolet has been found onboard in shockingly good condition.

The Manasoo was built in Scotland in 1888, spending most of its days ferrying travellers and cargo between Toronto and Hamilton, then named the Macassa. But in 1928, the ship was sold and moved to a new route between Manitoulin Island and Sault Ste. Marie, leading to the renaming to Manasoo, a play on the ship's destinations.

Near the end of 1928, the ship was travelling toward Owen Sound, loaded with 115 cows and one bull, when, during a severe lake storm, the ship began to list. Within three minutes, it plunged stern first to the bottom. The casualties included 16 of the 21 aboard, along with the livestock.

In June of last year, three shipwreck hunters found the Manasoo sitting upright in about 60m of water near Owen Sound. Surprisingly, the ship was nearly intact. But one of the even bigger surprises was what was in the cargo hold.

The divers found a 1927 Chevrolet Coupe, visible through one of the ship's side openings. It belonged to the owner of the cattle, Don Wallace. The Series AA Capitol was built just for that model year, powered by a 2.8L four-cylinder engine. It's shocking just how well-preserved this car seems to be.

Other than a few boils worth of clams, the car looks like it could be dried off and started up. And seeing that cars this old were quite simple and robust, that might not be beyond reason. Even the Chevrolet bowtie on the nose looks to be still shiny and rust-free. The Daily Mail has video of the wreck, including this sunken Chevy.

Instead of seeing pavement once again, it remains on the bottom of Lake Huron. Another one of the thousands of Great Lakes wrecks left for fish and the occasional diver to explore. Though probably one of far fewer cars sunken and preserved in those waters.