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BMW is Finally Adding Android Auto to its Cars

All new BMW vehicles will be compatible with Android Auto starting in July of 2020, the German automaker has announced.

BMW says Android users will be able to connect their phones to their vehicles wirelessly, enjoying Android Auto mirroring without having to keep their phone plugged into a USB port.

Additionally, Android Auto will be integrated directly into BMW's available digital cockpit display, providing the driver with information from their phone in a convenient, easy-to-read location. Android Auto information can also be programmed to display in the optional head-up display on some BMW vehicles.

Like other Android Auto systems, BMW vehicles with the technology will support the use of Google Assistant. The voice-activated AI system makes it safe and easy to get directions, stay in touch with family and friends and adjust the audio while on the go – just say "OK Google" followed by your command.

BMW hasn't been very accepting of either Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. The automaker previously charged a subscription fee for Apple CarPlay, which was a costly $100 a year in Canada, though it is now doing away with this and offering it as standard equipment on all vehicles with navigation. Similarly, Android Auto will be standard on all vehicles with the latest BMW Operating System 7.0 infotainment software.

"We are excited to work with BMW to bring wireless Android Auto to their customers worldwide next year," said Google's vice president of engineering, Patrick Brady. "The seamless connection from Android smartphones to BMW vehicles allows customers to hit the road faster while maintaining access to all of their favourite apps and services in a safer experience."

BMW plans to demonstrate its new Android Auto integration on the Operating System 7.0 software at CES 2020 in Las Vegas in January.