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Aston Martin Reveals Interior and Pricing for its First SUV

If you're looking to see the exterior of Aston Martin's first crossover, well, you're not going to find it here just yet. The British brand did, however, just unveil the SUV's interior along with how much it will cost when it arrives at dealers.

To little surprise, this interior looks absolutely loaded with luxury from carpets to ceiling with leather from the bottom meeting what looks like suede on the roof. Look more closely at the details and you'll see elegant touches like the stitched grab handles with satin finish hardware holding them to the roof panel.

Aston Martin says that it spent six months of development solely on the position of the driver inside the vehicle, working to make sure that the driver had a view of the hood for parking but more importantly that they had visibility of all the controls as well as the outside. While it's easy to overlook some visibility issues in the low-slung exotic sports cars the company normally builds, in an SUV, these things become more important.

The company says the dash helps make the DBX feel more spacious and luxurious, and that every dial has been carefully positioned with input that includes Aston's Female Advisory Board and "multiple customer clinics." So we presume that while the gear shift buttons look to be miles away from the driver, Aston has ensured they can be reached.

New digital displays are used for both the infotainment system and the dash, and because Aston has realized that cabin storage is important in a crossover, it has designed with a space under the centre console that can hold "a handbag or large 1.5-litre water bottles." A performance luxury SUV is still an SUV, after all. The result, Aston says, is class-leading front and rear legroom, with packaging lessons learned from sports cars adding knee and foot space over rival crossovers.

The back seat space is, again, largely a new venture for Aston Martin, and the company said it was careful to avoid "the sense that the rear occupants were leaning over those in the front of the vehicle" which it attributes to stadium-style seating where the rear seats are higher than the fronts. It's also taken children into account, and it says that "in a new exercise for Aston Martin, a group of children were invited to share their experience of ingress and egress and sitting."

The full DBX will be revealed November 20 in Beijing, but we already have pricing for when it arrives in Canadian showrooms. The Aston Martin DBX will start at $218,400 plus $3,980 destination, with orders opening the same day as the reveal.