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BMW Says What's on Everyone's Mind -- Autonomous Cars Are For Sex

Update (Sept. 26): BMW removed the video from their Twitter account. The article below has been updated.

BMW came out with an ad for its Vision iNext self-driving concept car that puts out there what everyone was already thinking: autonomous cars are going to do good things for a lot of peoples' love lives. And then it removed the post, presumably in response to complaints from Twitter users who found the ad to in poor taste.

BMW's 10-second spot, posted to the BMW i Twitter account, showed an amorous couple who couldn't keep their hands off each other. The bright, flashing lights suggest they're in a public place like a nightclub, but the blue and red flashes are reveal to actually come from a police car passing a self-driven BMW Vision iNext, whose cabin was the venue for our handsy lovers. 

While it was on the Internet, the video made BMW the first automaker to acknowledge the hard fact that once autonomous cars are a part of our everyday lives, it's inevitable that people will have sex in them. The novelty, we suppose, is the ability to get some action on the way to wherever you're going, rather than having to find a quiet place to park.

BMW revealed the Vision iNext autonomous concept car last fall at Automobility LA, an auto industry media and trade event focused on the future of mobility. The automaker says it will start building the electric iNext at its Dingolfing, Germany factory in 2021. While it will have full autonomous driving capability, it was also conceived to be driven by a human -- one who isn't otherwise engaged.