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Watch NBA Star Blake Griffin Pose as a Taxi Driver in Montreal

Following the Toronto Raptors win, people around the basketball world were ready to call all Canadians “hoop-heads.” But after watching a few confused Montrealers try to recognize NBA Star Blake Griffin in a cab, things might go back to the status quo and the country can return to basketball ignorance.

Okay, we’re just kidding, which can’t be helped, as the Detroit Pistons forward has teamed up with Red Bull before getting in the mood for the Just For Laughs comedy festival. In a quick video, Griffin poses as a cab driver to practice some material before his stand-up show. This part isn’t a gag as the player hosted the third annual Comedy. By Blake. charity comedy show with Red Bull last month. However, in this clip, just a few passengers laugh at his jokes, and even fewer recognize the star.

A few of his gags involve him pretending to understand French, playing the American national anthem loudly, and trying to learn how to appeal to Canadian hockey fans. Sadly his jokes land at a lower rate than his free throws. He tries to pick up a few words of French, but struggles mightily. Thank goodness his Canadian passengers politely giggle at his jokes, and try not to laugh too hard at him butchering one of the country’s official languages. A passenger even tries to tip Griffin, as if he actually has to rely on his comedy act and cab fares, rather than his annual $34-million NBA contract.

For a player who just saw a dramatic end to his season via a four-game sweep in the playoffs, we’d have expected to see videos of Griffin working on his game during the off-season, rather than his jokes. However, off the court, Blake Griffin likes go on stage as a stand-up comedian, and has toured various venues around the continent. Honestly, he’s not that bad, and his on-stage work gets better every year. His passion for comedy is no joke, but for those taxi-goers in Montreal, he may need to step up his game.