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Fisker Wants to Build an Electric Pickup Truck Too

We've already covered Fisker's plans to release a new fully electric crossover, but the eccentric electric vehicle maker isn't stopping there, with founder Henrik Fisker now saying he wants "all automotive segments to be electrified."

That includes the light-duty pickup segment, it seems, with Fisker tweeting out an image of what appears to be the rear end of a digitally rendered, Fisker-branded pickup truck. The boxy truck appears to be equipped with a black bed cap and has "Fisker" emblazoned across its tailgate as well.

The tweet also indicates the company has already decided on the two EVs that will arrive after the aforementioned crossover. We assume one will be the pickup, but it's not exactly clear what the third may be. All three will ride on the same platform.

The crossover, expected to go on sale by 2021, will have dual-motor all-wheel drive, an 80 kWh battery pack, and around 300 miles of range. Fisker says prices will start from under $40,000 USD, or roughly $52,600 CAD at time of writing.

Assuming it makes it to market, Fisker's electric pickup will compete with products like the upcoming Rivian R1T and Ford and GM's respective electric truck offerings. Tesla is also believed to have a battery-electric pickup in the works, which it plans to debut later this year.

Of these, the Rivian R1T will be first to market, with the Michigan-based start up already building pre-production prototypes for the electric truck. Consumer sales will commence late next year.