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Loud AMGs Getting Muffled: Report

If you're a fan of the snap, crackle, and pop that comes from the tailpipes of the latest AMG models, you're not alone. But increasing regulations could push the quiet button on the AMG Performance Exhaust system, according to a new report.

It starts with the new Mercedes-AMG A 45 S and the CLA 45 that comes with it. European sound restrictions have gotten tighter. Bastian Bogenschütz, head of product planning for AMG compact cars, told Motoring Australia about the changes.

“It’s coming from the European regulations,” he explained. We can [design specific exhausts] but it’s too expensive for every market to do it, it’s pretty difficult.”

Which means that even though noise rules here might not pose a problem, Bogenschütz says all markets will get the new quieter systems.

Many of AMG's latest have had some serious volume coming from the tailpipe in the loudest modes, and Mercedes-AMG is far from the only company with shockingly brisk exhaust notes. Expect the new changes to affect more models, especially those from European automakers. The new rules test the car in the loudest mode, so having a quiet mode by default doesn't let the performance mode get away with more noise.

The solution, at least from AMG? More fake noise. Or at least augmented noise. “The regulations were getting pretty difficult for the sound to just come from the exhaust system,” Bogenschütz said. “So we added the AMG pure performance sound, there we take the real sound from the exhaust system, the pulsation of the real sound, and move it inside the car. It works together with the exhaust system.”

It's not likely that a quiet exhaust will affect power levels, but it might affect driver enjoyment. As always, please brap responsibly.