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Jaguar Trademark Filing for EV-Type May Hint at Future Electric Sports Car

A trademark application filed by Jaguar with the Swiss Federal Institute for Intellectual Property may provide insight into the automaker's future electric car plans.

The British automaker applied to reserve the name "Jaguar EV-Type" with the institute this week – a clear play on words between the commonly used acronym for "electric vehicle" and the "-Type" suffix it applies to certain models.

Considering the E-Type and F-Type are the most popular models that use this naming scheme (there aren't that many S-Type or X-Type fans out there..) it seems possible this trademark is for some sort of new Jaguar electric sports car.

Rumours that the next-generation Jaguar F-Type could spawn a fully electric model variant surfaced last year and seem believable, given the reception to Jaguar's first-ever EV, the I-Pace crossover. The next-gen version of the sports car is probably still a couple years out, however, so this trademark filing could be for a concept version.

Jaguar has also said that all of its new products from 2020 onward will have an electric or hybrid powertrain option, so it seems inevitable that a fully electric Jaguar sports car will arriver sooner or later. 

Another possibility is that this is trademark filing is for a new or updated version of the Jaguar E-Type Zero – an original E-Type that the automaker converted into an EV. The E-Type Zero is also available to purchase from Jaguar in limited quantities; existing E-Type owners can inquire about converting their car into an E-Type Zero.