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Latest McLaren is a Bit of a Brick

Normally when McLaren announces a new version of one of their cars it means that they've gone to exceptional lengths to trim a buffet meal's worth of weight. Or they've raised horsepower from astonishing to astonishing plus 20. This time, the latest McLaren partnership makes zero power. And weighs half a tonne more than the standard car. But that doesn't make us want it any less. In fact, it might be the opposite. This one might just be cooler than the original. It's a full-size Lego McLaren Senna.

The full-size Lego car seems to be the hottest new trend. Bugatti, Chevrolet, Porsche, and now this latest McLaren. And we're big fans of this trend.

The Lego Senna took nearly 5,000 hours to design and assemble, using 467,854 different bricks and components. Since there's almost no carbon fibre to be found here, the car tips the scales at 1,700 kg. That's 500 kg more than the real thing.

McLaren's Lego Senna is loaded with some amazing details. Starting with the functional upward-opening dihedral doors that let you access the cabin. Inside, the car uses the carbon seat, steering wheel, and pedals from a real Senna. Then, the passenger can press the start button in the roof and hear the Senna's engine spring to life. Though that's a recording, not a real twin-turbo Lego V8. The lights and even the infotainment system all function.

If you want to see this Lego Macca, it will be going on a world tour. If you want one that's a little more affordable, and that won't fill an entire space in your garage, the companies want to point out that there's a 219-piece McLaren Senna Lego Speed Champions kit in stores now.