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Jeep Showcases PHEV Renegade and Compass

As soon as Alfa Romeo released its EV CUV at the Geneva Motor Show earlier today, you just knew that others in the FCA family would be following suit and sure enough, a few hours later we were introduced to the Jeep e-volution powertrain, personified by PHEV versions of the Jeep Compass and Renegade.

Jeep is claiming a 50 km range for both vehicles, as well as a 130 km/h full EV speed, which is nothing to sneeze at. Making use of a 1.3 L turbo engine, combined power ranges from 190 to 240 hp. While torque figures haven’t yet been released, Jeep did say that the added torque afforded by the EV engine makes for even better off-roading. Power to the rear wheels is not provided by a traditional prop shaft, but by an EV motor attached to the rear axle, similar to what Volvo has done with its XC90 and XC60 T8 models. This allows for torque to be controlled independently between the two axles. On more even ground, Jeep claims the EV motor makes for better acceleration (to the tune of 0-100 km/h in about seven seconds) and provides quicker engine response. 

Inside, a new instrument cluster and infotainment screen have been updated with hybrid system displays to help assist with even more fuel efficient driving.

Expect information on charging times, Canadian availability and pricing later this year.