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Cops Down Under Use Squeegees to Stop Distracted Driving

Police in Australia have found a new device to help clean up distracted driving and help improve road safety. The squeegee.

It's no secret that we're spending more time using our smartphones behind the wheel. And that using your phone behind the wheel is dangerous. But despite that knowledge and the threat of fines, drivers just can't put it down. A new report from Australia shows that police are getting more creative about hanging up on phone-toting drivers. 

Police in Forest Hill Australia, a suburb of Melbourne, are even taking up new jobs to catch texters. Officers there have disguised themselves as roadway median window washers to catch drivers on their phone behind the wheel. Nobody takes a second glance at the guy with the squeegee at the light unless they're about to pour some filthy water on your windshield, so it's easy to spot distracted drivers.

The report, from 3AW Australia, said that the "covert traffic operation" nabbed 38 drivers on their phone in a day.

The tactic is becoming more common, and used in various parts of Canada. We've seen officers disguised as panhandlers, surveyors, and road crews catching drivers doing things they shouldn't.

So if you're planning on using your phone behind the wheel, best keep your eyes out for more than just police cruisers. In fact, just keep your eyes open for anything. You know, like you should be doing when you're driving.