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Hyundai Gives Upcoming Flagship SUV a Name

Hyundai is planning a new and big flagship SUV. And in keeping with the automaker's penchant for naming their crossovers after places, they've gone a little more upscale with this one. The latest eight-seater from Hyundai will be the Palisade. Though that's not it in the photo. That's the Grandmaster concept from last June that may have previewed the new model.

Look up palisade in the dictionary and you'll find that it is a fence made from stakes, set up for defence. But this new Hyundai isn't for defence, it's for an offensive on the ever-growing three-row crossover segment. Hyundai is hoping you'll think of the place that shares the name. And no, not Palisade Saskatchewan, though that could make for an interesting Canadian launch.

Hyundai named the crossover for the other definition of the word. A series of coastal cliffs. And they say that the name "might naturally be associated by many with the Pacific Palisades." In short, it's named for that affluent neighbourhood in Western LA, between the Santa Monica Mountains and the Pacific Ocean.

The automaker says that the new crossover will offer premium materials and commodious cargo space, along with "a reassuring level" of modern safety features. Hyundai says it will have a bold exterior and "demonstrates clear differentiation worthy of a flagship SUV."

That's not really a great deal of information about the new crossover, but we'll get to see it at the end of this month. When it is revealed at the LA auto show. It will then hit the market sometime next year. The automaker's last attempt at a flagship was the Veracruz. A model that lasted from 2007 to 2012.