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Hyundai Prices 2019 Veloster N

Hyundai is building a hotter version of it's stylish Veloster hatchback, and now they've just revealed that the Veloster N will be priced at $34,999, slightly undercutting the Volkswagen GTI, while offering horsepower much closer to the Honda Civic Type R.

It starts with a 2.0L turbocharged engine. The classic big car engine in small car puts the four from the Sonata into the much smaller Veloster platform. And then breathes on it a bit in the name of more performance. That means 275 hp and 260 lb-ft of torque. US buyers will have a 250 hp version standard.

That's 55 more than the GTI and 31 fewer ponies than the Type R for $34,999. Undercutting the '18 GTI by $896, and the '18 Type R by over $6,000. The only gearbox for the Veloster will be a six-speed manual.

It's the first product for Hyundai's N performance brand. We'll bring you our first drive impressions on Monday, but for now here are some more of the big features.

The Veloster N gets a new front fascia and grille to set it apart from lesser models. That includes new brake ducts and LED headlamps. There are new side skirts and rear fascias too.

Hyundai says that the exhaust and engine are tuned to allow crackling and burbling on overrun, which it says adds to the sportiness of the car. It has special front axle geometry that the company says offers more precise steering and better fell. The dampers are multi-mode electronically controlled units.

Expect the Veloster N at dealers soon. We've reached out to Hyundai to find out just when it will arrive and will update you when we find out.

Hyundai Veloster N Canadian pricing:
Veloster N MT $34,999