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Argo Reveals New XTVs for 2019

Extreme all-terrain vehicle maker Argo is making a major lineup expansion, adding all-new models and seven total new variations to the Canadian company's offerings for 2019. It includes new eight-wheel models of the off-road and on-water vehicles and a more aggressive line designed for tackling mud.

The new Aurora series is an eight-wheel series. All-new and with an automotive-inspired grille and front headlights, Argo says that the Aurora delivers ultimate comfort and driving confidence. The Aurora is available with two engine choices, a 30 hp liquid-cooled twin or a 40 hp air-cooled twin.

The Aurora debuts a new progressive steering system that adds a spring linkage between the handlebars and braking system for a dual-rate steering feel. Argo says that steering effort is easier. It's designed for a smoother, more rounded turn, not the squared off turns that the multi-wheeled vehicles traditionally experience.

The four-seat amphibious XTVs offer revised seating, new tires with less noise, new lights, and new gauges. Argo is offering five versions of the Aurora.

The other new addition is two Bigfoot models, the MX6 and MX8. The two-seat, six-wheel MX6 and four-seat, eight-wheel MX8 are intended to conquer the deepest mud.

They come with ultra-aggressive 25-inch mud tires, aluminium bead-lock wheels, and a Jensen sound system designed with a unique round bezel to better fit in the compact cockpit. The Bigfoot models use the 30 hp liquid-cooled twin.

The new Argo models are available now.