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Polestar Adding Rear-Bias Fun to 2019 Volvos

Polestar might be making its own performance cars now, but that doesn't mean that the former Volvo race team has abandoned its Volvo-tuning roots. A new Polestar software upgrade shifts more power to the back, meaning that power slides are easier than ever before.

Polestar and Volvo aren't going as far as calling the new software a drift mode, but much like the tail-out tech that Ford, BMW, and Mercedes are adding, the Polestar optimization software sends more power to the rear wheels.

It changes the amount of torque sent rearward as well as how frequently it's sent back there. Volvo says that it's to improve steering with enhanced turn-in, better engagement, and improved traction. We think it's going to make the vehicles a little less sedate and a little more sideways.

The upgrades are applicable to all all-wheel drive 2019 Volvos built on the company's SPA and CMA architectures. Except for the plug-in models, because they have electric-only drive on the rear axle, which the company says already provides a rear-drive bias. That means the 60 series, 90 series, and even the XC40.

So you'll be able to get these upgrades even on the large XC90 crossover. It will probably brighten up the handling of that crossover that we've already called responsive

If you're looking to liven up the rear of your Volvo, the upgrade package should be available this month. And all Polestar optimizations keep the Volvo warranty.